Tamarindo: The Gold Coast of Costa Rica (Part I)

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Tamarindo Beach is the most accessible beach of Guanacaste. It has its own airstrip that receives several flights a day from private charter companies as well as from Sansa and Nature Air. Also, there is a very reliable bus service to and from San José daily as well as from surrounding communities that come on a paved highway (4-5 hrs. from San Jose to Tamarindo) and you can also drive all the way there if you prefer to rent a car and sight see. There is also an international airport in Liberia, Guanacaste. This airport is just 50 minutes away from Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Beach is part of a bay formed by a cape: Cabo Velas. Playa Grande is to the north of Tamarindo Beach inside the same bay. These two beaches are separated by a natural estuary named Estero Tamarindo. To the South of Tamarindo Bay, there is another beautiful estuary and beach: Playa Langosta.

Both Playa Grande and Playa Langosta are protected nesting areas for the giant leatherback turtle, and are part of the Costa Rican national park system. These two beaches are considered the major nesting areas for these turtles worldwide. They get there from October to March and lay their eggs on the sand. Tourist can find guided tours in Tamarindo to go and see this miracle happen. There is also the jungle boat ride that takes tourists deep into the mysterious mangrove forest where you can encounter a breathtaking diversity of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

You can find all sorts of hotels in Tamarindo. From first class hotels to cabins that can provide decent comfortable lodging at a very reasonable rate. Tamarindo has several condominiums, private beach houses and B&B's. There are accommodations for every budget.

Tamarindo boasts an amazing selection of fine international and typical Costa Rican restaurants. There is a French bakery, as well as restaurants that serve health-conscious and vegetarian diners. It will be almost impossible to get bored of the food because of the wide variety of dishes made with a supply of fresh local seafood, fruits and vegetables.

Tamarindo also has several grocery stores, an Auto Mercado at the new Garden Plaza Mall. There is even a Country Day School nearby, just 15 minutes from Tamarindo.


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