5 little known facts

5 little known facts

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Costa Rica is an amazing country known for its gorgeous beaches, lush forests and diverse wildlife.  But there’s more to Costa Rica than just its natural beauty.  Here are some fun, little-known facts about Costa Rica: 

  1. Women in Costa Rica do not take their husband’s last name after marriage.  In all legal documents (passports, identification cards, etc.) the bride’s name will stay the same.
  2. There are few street signs in Costa Rica and almost no addresses.  Nearly every address is in relation to well-known landmarks or buildings.  100 meters usually translates to about 1 block.  A typical address will read:  “200M west of…” followed by the name of landmark- this can be a church, a well-known office building, etc. 
  3. To most people they’re speed bumps, but Costa Ricans refer to these as “muertos” or in English…“dead persons.”  
  4. Nearly all Catholic churches in Costa Rica face to the West.  This is very handy information if you read number 2 above. 
  5. The meter in a taxicab is known as the Maria:  a reference to the Virgin Mary and her honesty.

A bonus tidbit:  The word for real estate in Costa Rica is Bienes Raices.  Bienes means property/ belongings and raices means roots.  So if you buy property in Costa Rica you have purchased “property roots.”  Giving even more meaning to the English expression laying down roots!


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